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Stay Healthy in the Summer Sun

Summertime is here! Soon, the kids will be out of school and the whole family is ready for a couple months of fun spent outdoors playing, swimming, and exploring. As the temps warm up and you pull out the bathing suits, it is important to keep in mind all the summertime changes and how they can affect your health.

Let us help keep your family safe this season! Read on to discover some of our tips to making the fun last while keeping everyone healthy and happy.


It is extremely common for children and adults alike to experience hydration during a hot summer. As your schedule grows busier and you spend more time outdoors in the heat, possibly doing strenuous activities, be sure to stay hydrated.

Warning signs of dehydration include:

Protect the whole family from these side effects by increasing your water intake while outside and incorporating water-based foods, like watermelon and cucumbers, into your diet.

Heat Stroke Prevention

When your body becomes too hot due to weather conditions or intense activity in the heat, heatstroke may occur. Different from a stroke, heatstroke symptoms appear in the form of confusion, heavy sweating, high body temperature, and hallucinations.

Hydrating, staying in the shade, and avoiding strenuous activity while in the summer heat will help reduce your risk of heatstroke. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek emergency care immediately as lack of treatment can be fatal.

Lyme Disease Prevention

Those afternoon summer walks are something to look forward to. However, as tick season heightens, you must be wary of Lyme Disease. Tick bites can easily go unnoticed at first, however the symptoms of Lyme disease are hard to ignore and include:

Untreated, an infection will spread throughout your body, worsening your health. If you are experiencing these symptoms, seek emergency medical attention.

Help keep your family free of tick bites by using appropriate bug spray, wearing long pants and sleeves while hiking, and staying out of tall, grassy areas. Once you arrive home after a hike, remove all your clothing and inspect yourself for ticks. If you see one on your body, remove it immediately using tweezers and monitor your symptoms.

Skin Protection

While a sunburn may seem like a temporary ailment, over time repeated exposure can lead to skin cancer and other health concerns. It is essential for every member of the household to wear sunscreen all summer long. By the pool, at a baseball game, running errands — everywhere!

Give yourself an added layer of protection with a hat and extra time sitting in the shade during peak sun hours.


Taking a dip in the pool is one of the best parts of summer break, but it can also cause some accidents if you are not careful. Keep an eye on your children while they’re in the pool, never allowing them to swim alone, and encourage extra caution throughout the entire pool day. It’s also a good idea to teach little ones water safety early by signing them up for lessons or classes.

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